Helping our customers is more than a job; it is our passion. Jackson Energy’s Accounting Department prides itself in being able to assist our customers with inquiries arising from invoices, EFT’s, or other accounting related issues. Our automated information systems allow us to provide you with accurate information vital to operating your convenience store. We have the capability to provide daily fuel pricing, daily credit card information, invoicing, and EFT notifications in several different electronic formats.

Employee cross-training is a top priority at Jackson Energy. We train not only in the employees’ current position, but also in common practices of the wholesale fuel industry. We hold monthly cross-training sessions which allows our Accounting department to understand how our accounting and IT systems operate. These sessions also allow us to understand the daily duties of our other departments, including Dispatch, Transportation, and Marketing. This cross-training gives your designated Accounting contact the avenues to answer most questions you may have.