Dear Jackson Energy Retailer:

There is no doubt you have heard a lot about EMV and how it will impact our industry. Read on to learn more about how EMV affects you.

What is EMV?

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and VISA. It is an initiative that aims at protecting consumers against fraud by enforcing a series of security controls during card transactions. There are two primary components of these controls. The most notable component is the electronic chip that will soon be present in consumer credit cards. The secondary component is a validation measure required from the consumer. An example of this is requiring the consumer to enter a pin number like they do with debit cards today or to sign either an electronic capture or paper receipt. This part of the control varies in different parts of the world and the final spec is still to be determined.

When do sites need to be EMV Compliant?

The EMV policy breaks compliance into two deadlines:

  1. October 2015 – Compliance inside the C-Store

  2. October 2017 – Compliance at the Pump.

After these stated deadlines, the card issuers reserve the right to shift respective fraud liability to the merchant.

What does a site need to do to be EMV Compliant?

There are two major parts to being EMV Compliant:

  1. POS Hardware Changes. POS hardware changes will enable your site to accept the new card with chip. The requirements vary from one POS provider to the next, but at the very least the site will need to get new IP pin pads that are capable of accepting the new credit card format.

  2. POS Software Updates. Once the specification for the US has been finalized by the card issuers, they will deliver these requirements to the POS providers to modify their base code accordingly.


More details to come regarding hardware and software options for inside your convenience store as well as at the pump.